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Nikolay Zhukov type (CFD is Registered Owner)
Nikolay Zhukov type (CFD is ship manager)

Vasiliy Belokonenko

Vessel Broken up in 2009

Mikhail Stenko

Vessel Broken up in 2009

Vyacheslav Ilyin

Vessel Laid up in Mariupol

Vladimir Osiptsov

Vessel in service ???

"CFD" Commercial Fleet of Donbass Ltd was based in Mariupol in Ukraine and performed shipments in/from ports of the Balck-Azov Sea, the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea basins as well as of West Africa, Canada, USA, the Caribbean Sea basin, South Africa, India and others.

The shipping co doesn't exist anymore

"CFD" Commercial Flotte de Donbass Ltd était basée à Mariupol en Ukraine et assurait le transport de marchandises entre les ports de la mer Noire, la Méditerranée, la mer Baltique, mais également l'Afrique de l'Ouest, les USA, le Canada, le bassin Caribéen, l'Inde et autres.

La compagnie n'existe plus aujourd'hui.

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